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     Early History and European Colonization
     Independence and Early Nationhood
     Twentieth Century to the Present
Culture: Arts, Language, and Religion

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List Published: 3/5/04
Last Updated: 1/10/14

The History of Haiti

     Early History and European Colonization
     Independence and Early Nationhood
     Twentieth Century: From the US Occupation to the Present

The History of Haiti: Early History and European Colonization

Caribbean Paleodemography: Population, Culture History, and Sociopolitical Processes in Ancient Puerto Rico
Antonio L. Curet
ISBN-13: 9780817314613 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780817351854 (paper)
University of Alabama Press, 2005

The Old Regime and the Haitian Revolution
Malick W. Ghachem
ISBN-13: 9780521836807 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521545310 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2012

The Americas That Might Have Been
Julian Granberry
ISBN-13: 9780817314576 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780817351823 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780817383459
University of Alabama Press, 2005

Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles
Julian Granberry, Gary Vescelius
ISBN-13: 9780817314163 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780817351236 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780817381912
University of Alabama Press, 2004

Slavery in the Caribbean Francophone World: Distant Voices, Forgotten Acts, Forged Identities
Doris Y. Kadish, editor
ISBN-13: 9780820321660 (cloth)
University of Georgia Press, 2000

Blue Coat or Powdered Wig: Free People of Color in Pre-Revolutionary Saint Domingue
Stewart R. King
ISBN-13: 9780820330297 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2001

Colonialism and Science: Saint Domingue and the Old Regime
James E. McClellan III
ISBN-13: 9780226514673 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226514680
University of Chicago Press, 2010

An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti
Marcus Rainsford, Edited by Paul Youngquist and Gregory Pierrot
ISBN-13: 9780822352785 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822352884 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2013

Hispaniola: Caribbean Chiefdoms in the Age of Columbus
Samuel M. Wilson
ISBN-13: 9780817304621 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780817381004
University of Alabama Press, 1990

The History of Haiti: Independence and Early Nationhood

Toussaint's Clause: The Founding Fathers and the Haitian Revolution
Gordon S. Brown
ISBN-10: 1578067111 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781578067114 (cloth)
University Press of Mississippi, 2005

Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History
Susan Buck-Morss
ISBN-13: 9780822943402 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822959786 (paper)
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009

Toussaint Louverture and the American Civil War: The Promise and Peril of a Second Haitian Revolution
Matthew J. Clavin
ISBN-13: 9780812242058 (cloth)
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009

From Saint-Domingue to New Orleans: Migration and Influences
Nathalie Dessens
ISBN-10: 0813030374 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813030371 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2007

A Colony of Citizens: Revolution and Slave Emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1787-1804
Laurent Dubois author info
ISBN-10: 0807855367 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807855362 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2004

Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution
Laurent Dubois author info
ISBN-13: 9780674018266 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 2004

The Making of Haiti: The Saint Domingue Revolution from Below
Carolyn E. Fick
ISBN-10: 0870496670 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0870496670 (paper)
University of Tennessee Press, 1990

Modernity Disavowed: Haiti and the Cultures of Slavery in the Age of Revolution
Sybille Fischer
ISBN-10: 0822332906 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780822332527 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822332909 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2004

Tree of Liberty: Cultural Legacies of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World
Doris L. Garraway, editor
ISBN-13: 9780813926858 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813926865 (paper)
University of Virginia Press, 2008

Haitian Revolutionary Studies
David Patrick Geggus
ISBN-13: 9780253341044 (cloth)
Indiana University Press, 2002

The World of the Haitian Revolution
David Patrick Geggus, Norman Fiering, editors
ISBN-13: 9780253220172 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 2008

The Impact of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World
David Patrick Geggus, editor
ISBN-10: 1570034168 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781570034169 (cloth)
University of South Carolina Press, 2001

The Slaves Who Defeated Napoleon: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian War of Independence, 1801-1804
Philippe R. Girard
ISBN-13: 9780817317324 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780817385408
University of Alabama Press, 2011

Haiti's Influence on Antebellum America: Slumbering Volcano in the Caribbean
Alfred N. Hunt
ISBN-13: 9780807131978 (paper)
Louisiana State University Press, 2006

Beyond the Slave Narrative: Politics, Sex, and Manuscripts in the Haitian Revolution
Deborah Jenson
ISBN-13: 9781846314971 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781846317606 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, 2011

Diplomacy in Black and White: John Adams, Toussaint Louverture, and Their Atlantic World Alliance
Ronald Angelo Johnson
ISBN-13: 9780820342122 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780820346328
University of Georgia Press, 2014

The Americas in the Age of Revolution: 1750-1850
Lester D. Langley
ISBN-10: 0300077262 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780300077261 (paper)
Yale University Press, 1998

Echoes of the Haitian Revolution, 1804-2004
Martin Munro, Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw, editors
ISBN-13: 9789766402129 (paper)
University of the West Indies Press, 2009

Universal Emancipation: The Haitian Revolution and the Radical Enlightenment
Nick Nesbitt
ISBN-13: 9780813928029 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813928036 (paper)
University of Virginia Press, 2008

From Dessalines to Duvalier: Race, Colour and National Independence in Haiti
David Nicholls
ISBN-10: 0813522404 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813522404 (paper)
Rutgers University Press, 1996

The Haitian Revolution, 1789-1840
Thomas O. Ott
ISBN-10: 0870495453 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0870495453 (paper)
University of Tennessee Press, 1973

Facing Racial Revolution: Eyewitness Accounts of the Haitian Insurrection
Jeremy D. Popkin
ISBN-13: 9780226675824 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226675831 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226675855
University of Chicago Press, 2008

You Are All Free: The Haitian Revolution and the Abolition of Slavery
Jeremy D. Popkin
ISBN-13: 9780521517225 (cloth)
Cambridge University Press, 2010

Democracy After Slavery: Black Publics and Peasant Radicalism in Haiti and Jamaica
Mimi Sheller
ISBN-10: 0813018838 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813030617 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813018836 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813030616 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 2001

The Opportunity, or Reasons for an Immediate Alliance with St. Domingo
James Stephen
ISBN-13: 9781108024365 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2011

Free and French in the Caribbean: Toussaint Louverture, Aimé Césaire, and Narratives of Loyal Opposition
John Patrick Walsh
ISBN-13: 9780253006271 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780253006301 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780253008107
Indiana University Press, 2013

Present State of the Spanish Colonies: Including a Particular Report of Hispañola, or the Spanish Part of Santo Domingo
William Walton
ISBN-13: 9781108024617 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2011

Encountering Revolution: Haiti and the Making of the Early Republic
Ashli White
ISBN-13: 9780801894152 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781421405810 (paper)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010

The History of Haiti: Twentieth Century: From the US Occupation to the Present

Backpacks Full of Hope: The UN Mission in Haiti
Eduardo Aldunate
ISBN-13: 9781554581559 (paper)
Wilfrid Laurier University Press and Co-published with the Centre for International Governance Innovation , 2010

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, translated by Carrol F. Coates
ISBN-10: 0813916747 (cloth)
University of Virginia Press, 1996

The New American Interventionism: Lessons From Successes and Failures; Essays from Political Science Quarterly
Demetrios James Caraley
ISBN-13: 9780231118491 (paper)
Columbia University Press, 1999

After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy
Christopher J. Coyne
ISBN-13: 9780804754408 (paper)
Stanford University Press, 2007

Building a More Resilient Haitian State
Keith Crane, James Dobbins, Laurel E. Miller, Charles P. Ries, Christopher S. Chivvis, Marla C. Haims, Marco Overhaus, Heather Lee Schwartz, Elizabeth Wilke
ISBN-13: 9780833050434 (paper)
RAND Corporation, 2010

Democratic Insecurities: Violence, Trauma, and Intervention in Haiti
Erica Caple James
ISBN-13: 9780520260535 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520260542 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520947917
University of California Press, 2010

Building Sustainable Peace
W. Andy Knight, Tom Keating, editors
ISBN-13: 9780888644145 (paper)
University of Alberta Press and United Nations University Press, 2004

Collective Conflict Management and Changing World Politics
Joseph Lepgold, Thomas G. Weiss, editors author info
ISBN-10: 0791438430 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0791438449 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780791438435 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780791438442 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 1998

Missions for Science: U.S. Technology and Medicine in America's African World
David McBride
ISBN-10: 0813530679 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813530673 (cloth)
Rutgers University Press, 2002

Humanitarian Assistance? Haiti and Beyond
Neil Middleton
ISBN-13: 9781906497767 (cloth)
University of Chicago Press, 2010

Haiti Rising: Haitian History, Culture and the Earthquake of 2010
Martin Munro
ISBN-13: 9789766402488 (paper)
University of the West Indies Press, 2010

Plunging into Haiti: Clinton, Aristide, and the Defeat of Diplomacy
Ralph Pezzullo
ISBN-10: 1578068606 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781578068609 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781604735338 (paper)
University Press of Mississippi, 2006

From Douglass to Duvalier: U.S. African Americans, Haiti, and Pan Americanism, 1870–1964
Millery Polyné
ISBN-13: 9780813034720 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2010

The Politics of Acknowledgement: Truth Commissions in Uganda and Haiti
Joanna R. Quinn
ISBN-13: 9780774818469 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780774818476 (paper)
University of British Columbia Press, 2010

Taking Haiti: Military Occupation and the Culture of U.S. Imperialism, 1915-1940
Mary A. Renda
ISBN-10: 0807826286 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0807849383 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807826287 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807849385 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2001

The United States Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934
Hans Schmidt
ISBN-10: 081352203X (cloth)
ISBN-10: 081352203X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813522036 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813559940
Rutgers University Press, 1995

Red and Black in Haiti: Radicalism, Conflict, and Political Change, 1934-1957
Matthew J. Smith
ISBN-13: 9780807832653 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807859377 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2009

Silencing the Guns in Haiti: The Promise of Deliberative Democracy
Irwin P. Stotzky
ISBN-10: 0226776263 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0226776271 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780226776262 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226776279 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, 1999

From War to the Rule of Law: Peacebuilding after Violent Conflicts
Joris Voorhoeve
ISBN-13: 9789053568675 (paper)
Amsterdam University Press, 2007

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Haiti’s Society

Fault Lines: Views across Haiti's Divide
Beverly Bell
ISBN-13: 9780801452123 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801477690 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2013

Walking on Fire: Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance
Beverly Bell, Foreword by Edwidge Danticat author info
ISBN-10: 080148748X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780801487484 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2001

Afro-Creole: Power, Opposition, and Play in the Caribbean
Richard D.E. Burton
ISBN-10: 0801483255 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780801483257 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 1997

My Stone of Hope: From Haitian Slave Child to Abolitionist
Jean-Robert Cadet
ISBN-13: 9780292728530 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780292729292 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2011

Restavec: From Haitian Slave Child to Middle-Class American
Jean-Robert Cadet
ISBN-10: 0292712030 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780292712034 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 1998

Haiti and the Americas
Carla Calargé, Raphael Dalleo, editors
ISBN-13: 9781617037573 (cloth)
University Press of Mississippi, 2013

A Promise in Haiti: A Reporter's Notes on Families and Daily Lives
Mark Curnutte
ISBN-13: 9780826517838 (cloth)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2011

Gender and Violence in Haiti: Women’s Path from Victims to Agents
Benedetta Faedi Duramy
ISBN-13: 9780813563152 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813563145 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813563169
Rutgers University Press, April 2014

Aids & Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame
Paul Farmer author info
ISBN-10: 0520083431 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520248397 (paper)
University of California Press, 1992

Partner to the Poor: A Paul Farmer Reader
Paul Farmer author info
ISBN-13: 9780520257115 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520257139 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520945630
University of California Press, 2010

Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor
Paul Farmer author info
ISBN-10: 0520235509 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520235502 (cloth)
University of California Press, 2003

Sleeping Rough in Port-au-Prince: An Ethnography of Street Children and Violence in Haiti
J. Christopher Kovats-Bernat
ISBN-13: 9780813030098 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813033020 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 2006

Three Ancient Colonies: Caribbean Themes and Variations
Sidney W. Mintz
ISBN-13: 9780674050129 (cloth)
Harvard University Press, 2010

How Human Rights Can Build Haiti: Activists, Lawyers, and the Grassroots Campaign
Fran Quigley
ISBN-13: 9780826519931 (cloth)
Vanderbilt University Press, July 2014

Georges Woke Up Laughing: Long-Distance Nationalism and the Search for Home
Nina Glick Schiller , Georges Eugene Fouron
ISBN-10: 0822327910 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780822327813 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822327912 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2001

Killing with Kindness: Haiti, International Aid, and NGOs
Mark Schuller
ISBN-13: 9780813553627 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813553634 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813553641
Rutgers University Press, 2012

When the Hands Are Many: Community Organization and Social Change in Haiti
Jennie M. Smith
ISBN-10: 0801486734 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780801437977 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801486739 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2001

Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora in the Wider Caribbean
Philippe Zacaïr, editor
ISBN-13: 9780813034614 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2010

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Culture: Arts, Language, and Religion

Oxford Picture Dictionary: English/Haitian Creole, Second Edition
Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Norma Shapiro
ISBN-13: 9780194740142 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2008

General Sun, My Brother: A Novel
Jacques Stephen Alexis
ISBN-10: 0813918998 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813918901 (paper)
University of Virginia Press, 2001

In the Flicker of an Eyelid: A Novel
Jacques Stephen Alexis
ISBN-10: 0813921384 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813921392 (paper)
University of Virginia Press, 2002

A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti
Gage Averill
ISBN-13: 9780226032917 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226032924 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226032931
University of Chicago Press, 1997

Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English
Joanne Bartley, Chris Ballengee, Vanessa Brissault, et al, editors
ISBN-13: 9781439906019 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781439906026 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439906033
Temple University Press, 2011

Friends and Enemies: The Scribal Politics of Post/Colonial Literature
Chris Bongie
ISBN-13: 9781846311437 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781846311420 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, 2009

Artists, Performers, and Black Masculinity in the Haitian Diaspora
Jana Evans Braziel
ISBN-13: 9780253351395 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780253219787 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 2008

Duvalier's Ghosts: Race, Diaspora, and U.S. Imperialism in Haitian Literatures
Jana Evans Braziel
ISBN-13: 9780813034577 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2010

Medicine and Morality in Haiti: The Contest for Healing Power
Paul Brodwin
ISBN-10: 0521575435 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521575430 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 1996

Framing Silence: Revolutionary Novels by Haitian Women
Myriam J. A. Chancy
ISBN-10: 0813523400 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0813523400 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813523408 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813556406
Rutgers University Press, 1996

From Sugar to Revolution: Women's Visions of Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic
Myriam J.A. Chancy
ISBN-13: 9781554584284 (cloth)
Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2012

Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work
Edwidge Danticat
ISBN-13: 9780691140186 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781400835904
Princeton University Press, 2010

Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie
Wade Davis
ISBN-10: 0807842109 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807842102 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 1988

Haiti, History and the Gods
Joan Dayan
ISBN-10: 0520213688 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520213685 (paper)
University of California Press, 1996

The Faces of the Gods: Vodou and Roman Catholicism in Haiti
Leslie G. Desmangles
ISBN-10: 0807843938 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807843932 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 1992

Island Lives: Historical Archaeologies of the Caribbean
Paul Farnsworth
ISBN-13: 9780817310936 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780817313302
University of Alabama Press, 2001

Haiti Unbound: A Spiralist Challenge to the Postcolonial Canon
Kaiama L. Glover
ISBN-13: 9781846314995 (cloth)
University of Chicago Press, 2011

Zora Neale Hurston, Haiti, and Their Eyes Were Watching God
La Vinia Delois Jennings
ISBN-13: 9780810129085 (paper)
Northwestern University Press, 2013

The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination: Radical Horizons, Conservative Constraints
Philip James Kaisary
ISBN-13: 9780813935461 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813935478 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813935485
University of Virginia Press, February 2014

Vodou Nation: Haitian Art Music and Cultural Nationalism
Michael Largey
ISBN-13: 9780226468631 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226468655 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, 2006

Creolizing Contradance in the Caribbean
Peter Manuel, editor
ISBN-13: 9781592137343 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781592137350 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781592137367
Temple University Press, 2009

Kongo Graphic Writing and Other Narratives of the Sign
Bárbaro Martínez-Ruiz
ISBN-13: 9781439908167 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781439908181
Temple University Press, 2013

Rara! Vodoo, Power, and Performance in Haiti and it's Diaspora
Elizabeth McAlister
ISBN-10: 0520228235 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520228238 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520926745
University of California Press, 2002

Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn
Karen McCarthy Brown
ISBN-10: 0520224752 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520268104 (paper)
University of California Press, 2001

Faith Makes Us Live: Surviving and Thriving in the Haitian Diaspora
Margarita A. Mooney
ISBN-13: 9780520260344 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520260368 (paper)
University of California Press, 2009

Different Drummers: Rhythm and Race in the Americas
Martin Munro
ISBN-13: 9780520262829 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520262836 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520947405
University of California Press, 2010

Exile and Post-1946 Haitian Literature: Alexis, Depestre, Ollivier, Laferrière, Danticat
Martin Munro
ISBN-13: 9781846310799 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781846318542 (paper)
Liverpool University Press, 2007

Afro-Caribbean Religions: An Introduction to Their Historical, Cultural, and Sacred Traditions
Nathaniel Samuel Murrell
ISBN-13: 9781439900406 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781439900413 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439901755
Temple University Press, 2009

The Company of Heaven: Stories from Haiti
Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell
ISBN-13: 9781587299216 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781587299506
University of Iowa Press, 2010

Haitian Vodou Flags
Patrick Arthur Polk
ISBN-10: 1578060249 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781578060245 (cloth)
University Press of Mississippi, 1998

The Spirits and the Law: Vodou and Power in Haiti
Kate Ramsey
ISBN-13: 9780226703794 (cloth)
University of Chicago Press, 2011

Migration and Vodou
Karen E. Richman
ISBN-13: 9780813028354 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813033259 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 2008

Children of Heroes
Lyonel Trouillot, Translated by Linda Coverdale author info
ISBN-13: 9780803244504 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780803294592 (paper)
University of Nebraska Press, 2008

Street of Lost Footsteps
Lyonel Trouillot author info
ISBN-13: 9780803244436 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780803294509 (paper)
University of Nebraska Press, 2003

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