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How to submit titles

Books for Understanding lists only books and journals published by AAUP members.
*Authors, please visit the FAQs for more information.

Format For Title Submissions

Submissions for Books for Understanding lists must be submitted via email; see the relevant Call for Titles or Call for Updates for addressing information (see FAQs for information about Calls). The required information (see below) may be included in the body of the email (preferred) or in an attached .doc or .txt file.

Required Information—Books

Books for Understanding List Title
AAUP-assigned Subject Category *
Book Title
Author(s) or editor(s)—see below for more information
ISBN (must indicate cloth or paper; both ISBN-10 and -13 accepted)
Press Name
Year Published (include month if forthcoming)
URL for individual book web page, if available
Audience Recommendation: G for general interest; S for special interest

* Subject Categories are usually supplied in the initial Call for Titles that is distributed by the Central Office via the aaup-l and aaup-m email lists. Subject Categories for existing Books for Understanding lists can be found by visiting the list online. Each title will only be listed under ONE category in a given list. However, a book can appear in multiple separate lists. For example, a book on reporting the Korean War may be submitted to both the Media in Wartime list and the Korean War category of the North Korea list.

Required Information—Journalists’ Resources

This is also called the "Directory of Experts" and serves as a clearinghouse for contact information of expert commentators on the Books for Understanding list topic. If any of your authors, or your press's subject area editor, is willing and able (i.e., comfortable talking to reporters, ready to respond in a timely way to reporters' queries) to be listed as a contact for journalists researching this topic, please submit:

Brief bio and/or bibliography
Preferred manner of contact (email, address, phone, or through a publicist)

A brief bio and contact information MUST be included in a Journalists’ Resources listing, or the author/editor will not be listed.

Submitting Journal Titles

Listings for journals are welcome, but different information is requiremed:

Books for Understanding List Title
AAUP-assigned Subject Category*
Editor(s) or Institute/Center/Scholarly Society
Press Name
URL link to information about the journal if available
Audience Recommendation: G for general interest; S for special interest

Special cases
We will accept listings of individual issues if the journal’s general editorial focus is not directly relevant to the Books for Understanding list topic, but a particular issue contains a significant amount of relevant material. A special focus issue or one with several relevant articles would fall into this category. To list a single issue, in addition to the information requested above, please submit:

Special Focus Title
Journal Number/Date
URL to info about that issue, if available

In rare cases, we will accept listings of single articles, if neither the journal nor the issue would otherwise be listed, and the article is extremely relevant and timely—perhaps the very newest published scholarship in a topic area. Our preference is for articles available to, or easily located by, the general public. In addition to the information requested above for journal listings, please submit the following:

Article Title
Article Author
Journal Number/Date
URL link to article or specific information about article if possible

AAUP reserves final editorial oversight of the bibliographies.


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