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Directory OF EXPERTS

The following scholars, writers, and editors are available to members of the media to talk about their work in this area. Following is information about their background, special interests, and preferred manner of contact. Listed email addresses should be copied into an email client, replacing "at" with "@".

Craig E. Colten
Craig Colten is Carl O. Sauer Professor of Geography at Louisiana State University. Colten is the author of An Unnatural Metropolis: Wresting New Orleans from Nature, The American Environment, The Road to Love Canal, Transforming New Orleans and Its Environs, and Louisiana Geography, among other books.

Phone: 225-578-5942
Publicist: Barbara Outland, LSU Press
Phone: 225-578-8282

Pete Daniel
Pete Daniel, author of Deep'n as it Comes, is curator at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

Phone: 202-357-2323

Cornelia Dean
Cornelia Dean is science editor of the New York Times, where she writes frequently on coastal issues.

Phone: 212-556-3929

Mike Dunne
Environmental Reporter, Baton Rouge Advocate
Dunne is a reporter and writer for the Baton Rouge Advocate and a two-time winner of the Scripps-Howard Foundation's Edward Meeman Award. A member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and editor of the Society's newsletter, SEJournal, he is the coauthor of America's Wetland: Louisiana's Vanishing Coast and lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

Publicist: Barbara Outland, LSU Press
Phone: 225-578-8282

Kerry Emanuel
Kerry Emanuel is Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science at MIT. Emanuel has written for American Scientist and Nature, among other publications. His most recent well-known and controversial study was published in the August issue of Nature magazine discussing the correlation between global warming and hurricanes.

Email: emanuel at
Or through Aly Mostel, Oxford University Press; email: aly.mostel at;
phone: 212-726-6111

Jim Fraiser
Jim Fraiser is the author of Mississippi River Country Tales (2001) and, with West Freeman, The Majesty of the Mississippi Delta (2002) and The French Quarter of New Orleans (2003). He lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

Phone: 601-209-6447 (cell)
Email: cfraish at

Philip D. Hearn
Philip D. Hearn, a longtime Mississippi news reporter and editor, is a research writer for the university relations office of Mississippi State University. His work has been published in Army Reserve magazine, Vietnam Magazine, and many newspapers.

Email: PHearn at
Phone: 601-543-6515 (cell)
Or the Mississippi State office of public relations

Ernest Herndon
Ernest Herndon is a staff writer and outdoors editor of the Enterprise-Journal in McComb, Mississippi. In addition to the Canoeing Louisiana and Mississippi guides, he has written several books and has been published in such anthologies as The Magnolia Club: Fine Times with Nature's Finest and From Behind the Magnolia Curtain: Voices of Mississippi.

Email: eherndon at
Phone: 601-684-2421 (office)

Ari Kelman
Ari Kelman, author of A River and Its City, is a history professor at UC Davis.

Phone: 530-297-1234
Email: akelman at
Publicist: Amy Cleary; University of California Press
Phone: 510-642-4701
Fax: 510-642-9737

Peirce F. Lewis
Peirce F. Lewis, former President of the Association of American Geographers and Professor of Geography Emeritus at the Pennsylvania State University, has published widely on the American landscape. He is the author of New Orleans: The Making of an Urban Landscape.

Publicist: Emily Grandstaff, University of Virginia Press
Email: emilyg at
Phone: 434-982-2932

C. C. Lockwood
Conservationist C.C. Lockwood is one of the nation's outstanding nature and wildlife photographers and the premier chronicler of the natural wonders of Louisiana and the Gulf Region. He has published eleven books of his photographs—most recently Marsh Mission: Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands (2005); The Alligator Book (2002); and Still Waters: Images, 1971–1999 (2000). His photographs have appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, and thousands of other magazines, books, and advertisements. The recipient of the Sierra Club's Ansel Adams Award for outstanding conservation photography and honored as one of Louisiana Public Broadcasting's Louisiana Legends, Lockwood often lectures on wildlife, photography, and environmental issues. He lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

Phone: 225-769-4766
Publicist: Barbara Outland, LSU Press
Phone: 225-578-8282

Christopher Maurer
Christopher Maurer, head of the department of Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese at the University of Illinois-Chicago, is also the author (with Maria Estrella Iglesias) of Dreaming in Clay on the Coast of Mississippi: Love and Art at Shearwater . His work has appeared in the New Republic, the New York Times, Hispanic Review, and El País (Madrid). Maurer's biography of Gulf Coast artist Walter Anderson, Fortune's Favorite Child, was published in 2003. The Anderson Museum is located in Ocean Springs, MS, and has updates on damage from the hurricane on its web site.

Phone: 617-353-6225 or 708-445-7069

April Newlin
Recipient of a Florida Press Association Award for Outdoor Writing, April Newlin, New Orleans, Louisiana, is a clinical psychologist and a freelance nature writer for the Walton Sun and many other publications.

Email: anrieveschl at

Karen O'Neill
Karen M. O’Neill is Assistant Professor of Human Ecology and an associate member of the Graduate Program in Sociology at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Professor O'Neill studies environmental policy, federalism, and land development politics.

Phone: (732) 932-9153 x16
Fax: (732) 932-6667
Email: koneill at

Wayne Parent
Wayne Parent is associate professor of political science and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Louisiana State University. He is the author of Inside the Carnival: Unmasking Louisiana Politics and the co-editor of Blacks and the American Political System. A frequent commentator on national and Louisiana politics for the local, state, and national media, Parent specializes in electoral coalitions, black politics and southern politics.

Publicist: Barbara Outland, LSU Press
Phone: 225-578-8282

Richard A. Posner
Richard Posner is a judge of the U.S. Court Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. He is the author of numerous books, including Overcoming Law, a New York Times Book Review editors' choices for best book of 1995, and An Affair of State: The Investigation, Impeachment, and Trial of President Clinton, one of Times' choices for Best Book of the Year in 1999 and a Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist, 2000.

Publicist: Rudy Faust, Oxford University Press
Phone: 212-726-6007
Email: rudy.faust at

Anthony Stanonis
Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University
A native of New Orleans, Anthony Stanonis also began his higher education there at Loyola University. In his book Creating the Big Easy (University of Georgia Press, forthcoming August 2006) Stanonis chronicles the transformation of New Orleans from an industrial/port city to an
international tourist mecca in the years between the World Wars. Crucial to that transformation, says Stanonis, was the construction of the levee system that surrounds the city.

Publicist: Stacy Sharer
Phone: 706-369-6160
Fax: 706-369-6162
Email: ssharer at

Bill Streever
Bill Streever is a research biologist in Eagle River, Alaska, and was formerly at the Waterways Experiment Station (Wetlands Branch) in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He is the author of Bringing Back the Wetlands (1999), and his work has appeared in such periodicals as Wetlands, Journal of Environmental Management, Estuaries, and American Midland Naturalist.

Phone: 907-564-4383; 907-440-8324 (cell)
Email: StreevBJ at

Scott B. Williams
Scott B. Williams has been exploring Mississippi's marine waters and islands for more than fifteen years in sea kayaks and a variety of sailboats and has published numerous articles in Sea Kayaker. Williams builds wooden boats and does custom yacht and residential woodwork, dividing his time between Biloxi and Brandon, Mississippi. More information is avialable at his website at

Phone: 601-438-3463
Email: scott at

Lawrence J. Vale and Thomas J. Campanella
Editors of The Resilient City, Lawrence J. Vale is Professor, Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Thomas J. Campanella is Assistant Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Publicist: Rudy Faust, Oxford University Press
Phone: 212-726-6007
Email: rudy.faust at

Jane Varley
Jane Varley teaches writing at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio.

Publicist: University of Nebraska Press
Email: ksalem2 at

Diane Vaughan
Professor of sociology, Boston College. Also author of Controlling Unlawful Organizational Behavior: Social Structure and Corporate Misconduct (1983) and Uncoupling: Turning Points in Intimate Relationships (1986).

Phone: 617-552-4645 (office)

Robert S. Yeats
Robert Yeats is senior consultant for Earth Consultants International and professor emeritus in geology at Oregon State University. He is the author of Living with Earthquakes in California and Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (both Oregon State University Press) and co-author of The Geology of Earthquakes (Oxford University Press).

Email: yeatsr at
Phone: 541-737-1226

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