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International Security Management and the United Nations
Editors Muthiah Alagappa and Takashi Inoguchi
ISBN 9280810014
United Nations University Press, 1999

The Future of the United Nations: Potential for the Twenty-first Century
Editor Chadwick F. Alger
ISBN 928O809733
United Nations University Press, 1998

Eyewitness to a Genocide: The United Nations and Rwanda
Michael Barnett
ISBN 0-8014-3883-7
Cornell University Press, 2002

Trygve Lie and the Cold War: The UN Secretary-General Pursues Peace, 1946-1953
James Barros
ISBN 0-87580-148- X
Northern Illinois University Press, 1989

Unity and Diversity in Developmental Ideas: Perspectives from the UN Regional Commissions
United Nations Intellectual History Project
Editor Yves Berthelot
ISBN 0-253-34335-6 (cloth); ISBN 0-253-21638-9 (paper)
Indiana University Press, November 2003

Globalizing Family Values: The Christian Right in International Politics
Doris Buss and Didi Herman
ISBN 0-8166-4208-7 (paper); ISBN 0-8166-4207-9 (cloth)
University of Minnesota Press, 2003

The Legitimacy of International Organizations
Editors Jean-Marc Coicaud and Veijo Heiskanen
ISBN 9280810537
United Nations University Press, 2001

Enhancing Global Governance: Towards a New Diplomacy
Editors Andrew Cooper, John English, and Ramesh Thakur
ISBN 928081074X
United Nations University Press, 2002

Re-Envisioning Peacekeeping: The United Nations and the Mobilization of Ideology
François Debrix
ISBN 0-8166-3237-5 (paper); ISBN 0-8166-3236-7 (cloth)
University of Minnesota Press, 1999

A Workshop for Peace: Designing the United Nations Headquarters
George Dudley
ISBN 0-262-04137-5
The MIT Press, 1994

Diplomacy for the Next Century
Abba Eban
ISBN 0-300-07860-9
Yale University Press, 1998

Ahead of the Curve?: UN Ideas and Global Challenges
United Nations Intellectual History Project
Louis Emmerij, Richard Jolly, and Thomas G. Weiss; Foreword by Kofi A. Annan
ISBN 0-253-33950-2 (cloth); ISBN 0-253-21467-X (paper)
Indiana University Press, 2001

An Insider's Guide to the UN
Linda Fasulo
Cloth ISBN 0300101554; Paper ISBN: 0300107625
Yale University Press, 2004/2005

Globalization: The United Nations Development Dialogue Finance,
Trade, Poverty, Peace-building

Editors Isabelle Grunberg and Sarbuland Khan
ISBN 9280810510
United Nations University Press, 2000

FDR and the Creation of the UN
Townsend Hoopes and Douglas Brinkley
ISBN 0-300-08553-2
Yale University Press, 2000

UN Contributions to Development Thinking and Practice
Richard Jolly, Louis Emmerij, Dharam Ghai, and Frederic Lapeyre
ISBN 0253216842
Indiana University Press, 2004

Code of Peace: Ethics and Security in the World of the Warlord States
Dorothy V. Jones
ISBN 0-226-40646-6
The University of Chicago Press, 1991

Toward a Just World: The Critical Years in the Search for International Justice
Dorothy V. Jones
ISBN 0-226-40948-1
The University of Chicago Press, 2002

Restructuring World Politics: Transnational Social Movements, Networks, and Norms
Sanjeev Khagram, James V. Riker, and Kathryn Sikkink, editors
ISBN 0-8166-3907-8 (paper); ISBN 0-8166-3906-X (cloth)
University of Minnesota Press, 2002

Collective Insecurity: The Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism, and Global Order
Ikechi Mgbeoji
ISBN 077481036X
University of British Columbia Press, 2003

Global Governance and the United Nations System
Editor Volker Rittberger
ISBN 9280810758
United Nations University Press, 2001

Bread Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice
Douglas Roche
ISBN 0-88864-357-8
University of Alberta Press, 1999

United Nations-sponsored World Conferences: Focus on Impact and Follow-up
Editor Michael G. Schechter
ISBN 9280810480
United Nations University Press, 2001

United Nations Peace-keeping Operations: Ad Hoc Missions, Permanent Engagement
Editors Ramesh Thakur and Albrecht Schnabel
ISBN 9208010677
United Nations University Press, 2001

The UN and Global Political Economy: Trade, Finance, and Development
John Toye and Richard Toye
ISBN 0253216869
Indiana University Press, 2004

Quantifying the World: UN Ideas and Statistics
Michael Ward
ISBN 0253216745
Indiana University Press, 2004

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