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The following scholars, writers, and editors are available to members of the media to talk about their work in this area. Following is information about their background, special interests, and preferred manner of contact. Listed email addresses should be copied into an email client, replacing "at" with "@".

American Civil Liberties Union Handbooks
The American Civil Liberties Union Handbook Series is published by Southern Illinois University Press. To contact an ACLU Handbooks authopr, please contact SIUP Publicity Manager Alberta Skaggs at askaggs at For Stephen Pevar, author of The Rights of Indians and Tribes, see below.

Gurcharan S. Bhatia
Gurcharan S. Bhatia chaired the Universal Rights and Human Values Conference held in Edmonton, Canada, in 1998. He is a former director of the Canadian Human Rights Foundation and Canadian Human Rights Commissioner. He has served as editor and publisher of Canadian Link, a national newspaper promoting multiculturalism.

Phone: 780-495-2195; Fax: 780-495-6739

Michael Kent Curtis
Michael Kent Curtis teaches constitutional law, free speech, and American Legal and Constitutional History at Wake Forest University School of Law. Before joining the Wake Forest faculty, Professor Curtis practiced law for twenty years. In his law practice, he represented a number of clients in free speech cases, often without fee. In 1986 he received the Frank Porter Graham Award from the North Carolina Civil Liberties Union for his work defending and advancing civil liberties in North Carolina.

Email: mcurtis at
Phone: 336-758-5714

David P. Forsythe
David Forsythe is the Charles J. Mach Distinguished Professor at the University of Nebraska.

Mail: Political Science, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588-0328 USA
Phone: 402-472-1690

Gerald L. Gall
Gerald L. Gall is a professor law at the University of Alberta where he teaches constitutional law and civil liberties. He is a barrister and solicitor in the province of Ontario and has served on several boards of directors including the Legal Education Society of Alberta and the Centre for Constitutional Studies. He is a former executive director of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice and the author of the first, second, third and fourth editions of The Canadian Legal System.

Phone: 780-492-3349; Email: g.gall at

Michael Gardner
Michael R. Gardner is a communications policy attorney in Washington, D.C. He also serves as the pro bono chairman of the United States Telecommunications Training Institute, a nonprofit international training initiative he founded in 1982 while serving as the U.S. ambassador to the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. A graduate of the College at Georgetown University and of the Georgetown University Law School, Gardner has served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and has also served on four presidential commissions under Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush senior. His book, Harry Truman and Civil Rights, is A Selection of the History Book Club.

Phone: 202-686-7111; Fax: 202-244-4717

Nat Hentoff
Nat Hentoff is the author of many articles and books about jazz, politics, and education. His syndicated column appears in the Washington Post and more than two hundred other newspapers. He is also a regular contributor to the Village Voice.

Please contact Alexandra Dahne, Asst Publicity Manager at alex.dahne at

Jethro K. Lieberman
Jethro K. Lieberman is Professor of Law at New York Law School, Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, and author of The Litigious Society (1981) and The Enduring Constitution (1987), both of which won the American Bar Association's Silver Gavel Award.

Please contact Alexandra Dahne, Asst Publicity Manager at alex.dahne at

John McLaren
John McLaren is Lansdowne Professor of Law at the University of Victoria.

Please contact Professor McLaren through UBC Press.
Email: info at

Robert Menzies
Robert Menzies is Professor of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Please contact Professor Menzies through UBC Press.
Email: info at

David A. Neiwert
David Neiwert is a freelance journalist based in Seattle and a fourth-generation Northwest native. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, MSNBC,, the Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, and numerous regional publications. His reportage on domestic terrorism for MSNBC won a National Press Club Award in 2000 for distinguished online journalism.

Email: dneiwert at

John T. Noonan, Jr.
John T. Noonan, Jr. has served as Judge on the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit since 1986. He is Robbins Professor Emeritus at Boalt School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, and the author of prize-winning work in history, philosophy, and theology.

Please contact Amy Torack, Publicity Manager at amy.torack at

Stephen Pevar
Stephen L. Pevar is Senior Staff Counsel for the ACLU, and has taught in law school and lectured extensively on the subject of Indian and tribal rights.

Email: Pevaraclu at; Phone: 303-839-5752: Fax: 303-831-7524

Wesley Pue
Wesley Pue is Nemetz Professor of Legal History at the University of British Columbia.

Please contact Professor Pue through UBC Press.
Email: info at

Bud Schultz and Ruth Schultz
Bud Schultz is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Trinity College, and Ruth Schultz is an independent scholar. They are the authors of It Did Happen Here: Recollections of Political Repression in America (California, 1989.)

Please contact Stephanie Hansen, Sr. Publicist at stephanie.hansen at

Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker is the Isaacson Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is the author of ten books, most recently The Rights Revolution: Community and Rights in America. His current research focuses on police accountability and civilian oversight of police forces.

Email: semlen at
Mail: Department of Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Phone: 402-554-3590 office


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