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History of Contraception and Abortion
Case Law and Public Policy
The Debate about Birth Control & Abortion
     Politics and Rhetoric
     Ethical and Religious Views
Reproductive Health and Medicine

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List Published: 11/23/05
Last Updated: 10/21/14

History of Contraception and Abortion

Reproductive Restraints: Birth Control in India, 1877-1947
Sanjam Ahluwalia
ISBN-10: 0252032403 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0252074807 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780252032400 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252074806 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2008

Contraception and Abortion in Nineteenth-Century America
Janet Farrell Brodie
ISBN-10: 0801484332 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780801484339 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 1997

Who Chooses?: American Reproductive History since 1830
Simone M. Caron
ISBN-13: 9780813031996 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813035048 (paper)
University Press of Florida, 2008

Evolution and Human Behavior
John Cartwright
ISBN-10: 0262531704 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780262032810 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262531702 (paper)
MIT Press, 2000

When Sex Changed: Birth Control Politics and Literature between the World Wars
Layne Parish Craig
ISBN-13: 9780813562117 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813562100 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813562124
Rutgers University Press, 2013

Facing Eugenics: Reproduction, Sterilization, and the Politics of Choice
Erika Dyck
ISBN-13: 9781442644168 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781442612556 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781442699342
University of Toronto Press, 2013

By Their Fruits: Eugenics, Population Control, and the Abortion Campaign
Ann Farmer
ISBN-13: 9780813215303 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780813218496
Catholic University of America Press, 2008

Behind Every Choice Is a Story
Gloria Feldt, with Carol Trickett Jennings; foreword by Kathleen Turner
ISBN-10: 1574411586 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781574411584 (cloth)
University of North Texas Press, 2002

Birth Control, Sex, and Marriage in Britain 1918-1960
Kate Fisher
ISBN-13: 9780199267361 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2006

Birth Control on Main Street: Organizing Clinics in the United States, 1916-1939
Cathy Moran Hajo
ISBN-13: 9780252035364 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252077258 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2010

The Empty Cradle of Democracy: Sex, Abortion, and Nationalism in Modern Greece
Alexandra Halkias
ISBN-10: 0822333112 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0822333236 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780822333111 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822333234 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2004

The Birth Control Clinic in a Marketplace World
Rose Holz
ISBN-13: 9781580463997 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781580464895 (paper)
University of Rochester Press, 2012

Experience With Abortion: A Case Study of North-East Scotland
Gordon Horobin
ISBN-13: 9780521112772 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2009

The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, Vol. 3: The Politics of Planned Parenthood, 1939-1966
Esther Katz, editor
ISBN-13: 9780252033728 (cloth)
University of Illinois Press, 2010

The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger; Vol. 1: The Woman Rebel, 1900-1928
Esther Katz, editor
ISBN-13: 9780252074608 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2002

The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger; Vol. 2: Birth Control Comes of Age, 1928-1939
Esther Katz, editor
ISBN-10: 0252031377 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252031373 (cloth)
University of Illinois Press, 2007

Abortion, Doctors and the Law: Some Aspects of the Legal Regulation of Abortion in England from 1803 to 1982
John Keown
ISBN-10: 0521894131 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521894135 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2002

Revolutionary Conceptions: Women, Fertility, and Family Limitation in America, 1760-1820
Susan E. Klepp
ISBN-13: 9780807833223 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807859926 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2009

Matters of Choice: Puerto Rican Women's Struggle for Reproductive Freedom
Iris Lopez
ISBN-13: 9780813543727 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813543734 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813546247
Rutgers University Press, 2008

Sexual Chemistry: A History of the Contraceptive Pill
Lara V. Marks
ISBN-10: 0300089430 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780300089431 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780300167917 (paper)
Yale University Press, 2001

Seizing the Means of Reproduction: Entanglements of Feminism, Health, and Technoscience
Michelle Murphy
ISBN-13: 9780822353317 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822353362 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2012

The Morning After: A History of Emergency Contraception in the United States
Heather Munro Prescott
ISBN-13: 9780813551623 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813551630 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813552170
Rutgers University Press, 2011

The Abortionist: A Woman against the Law
Rickie Solinger
ISBN-10: 0520204026 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520204027 (paper)
University of California Press, 1996

The Notorious Dr. Flippin: Abortion and Consequence in the Early Twentieth Century
Jamie Q. Tallman
ISBN-13: 9780896726758 (cloth)
Texas Tech University Press, 2011

Abortion in the American Imagination: Before Life and Choice, 1880-1940
Karen Weingarten
ISBN-13: 9780813565309 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813565293 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813565392
Rutgers University Press, 2014

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The Debate about Birth Control & Abortion

     Politics and Rhetoric
     Ethical and Religious Views

The Debate about Birth Control & Abortion: Politics and Rhetoric

Abortion: Three Perspectives
Michael Tooley , Celia Wolf-Devine, Philip E. Devine and Alison M. Jaggar
ISBN-13: 9780195380279 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195308952 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2008

Abortion Politics in Congress: Strategic Incrementalism and Policy Change
Scott H. Ainsworth, Thad E. Hall
ISBN-13: 9780521515818 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521740043 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2010

What Roe v. Wade Should Have Said: The Nation's Top Legal Experts Rewrite America's Most Controversial Decision
Jack Balkin, editor
ISBN-13: 9780814799185 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814799864 (paper)
New York University Press, 2007

The Moral Veto: Framing Contraception, Abortion, and Cultural Pluralism in the United States
Gene Burns
ISBN-10: 0521552095 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0521609844) (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521552097 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521609845 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2005

Sex, Culture, and Justice: The Limits of Choice
Clare Chambers
ISBN-13: 9780271033013 (cloth)
Penn State University Press, 2008

Decoding Abortion Rhetoric: Communicating Social Change
Celeste Michelle Condit
ISBN-10: 0252064038 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780252064036 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 1990

Velma Demerson
ISBN-13: 9780889204447 (paper)
Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2004

Opposition and Intimidation: The Abortion Wars and Strategies of Political Harassment
Alesha E. Doan
ISBN-13: 9780472099757 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780472069750 (paper)
University of Michigan Press, 2007

The Sterilization Movement and Global Fertility in the Twentieth Century
Ian R. Dowbiggin
ISBN-13: 9780195188585 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2008

Shaping Abortion Discourse: Democracy and the Public Sphere in Germany and the United States
Myra Marx Ferree, William Anthony Gamson, Jürgen Gerhards, Dieter Rucht
ISBN-10: 052179045X (cloth)
ISBN-10: 052179384X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521790451 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521793841 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2002

Our Bodies, Our Crimes: The Policing of Women’s Reproduction in America
Jeanne Flavin
ISBN-13: 9780814727546 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814727911 (paper)
New York University Press, 2008

Contested Lives: The Abortion Debate in an American Community, updated edition with a new introduction
Faye D. Ginsburg
ISBN-13: 9780520217355 (paper)
University of California Press, 1998

The Moral Property of Women: A History of Birth Control Politics in America
Linda Gordon
ISBN-13: 9780252074592 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2007

Doctors and Demonstrators: How Political Institutions Shape Abortion Law in the United States, Britain, and Canada
Drew Halfmann
ISBN-13: 9780226313429 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226313436 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226313443
University of Chicago Press, 2011

Moral Panics, Sex Panics: Fear and the Fight over Sexual Rights
Gilbert Herdt, editor
ISBN-13: 9780814737224 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814737231 (paper)
New York University Press, 2009

Women's Rights? The Politics of Eugenic Abortion in Modern Japan
Masae Kato
ISBN-13: 9789053567937 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, distributed for Amsterdam University Press, 2009

Fit to Be Tied: Sterilization and Reproductive Rights in America, 1950-1980
Rebecca M. Kluchin
ISBN-13: 9780813545271 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813549996 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813548319
Rutgers University Press, 2009

Reproductive Acts: Sexual Politics in North American Fiction and Film
Heather Latimer
ISBN-13: 9780773541573 (paper)
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013

Body Talk: Rhetoric, Technology, Reproduction
Mary M. Lay, Laura J. Gurak, Clare Gravon, and Cynthia Myntti, editors
ISBN-10: 0299167909 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0299167941 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780299167905 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780299167943 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 2000

Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood
Kristin Luker
ISBN-13: 9780520055971 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520907928
University of California Press, 1985

Surrogates and Other Mothers: The Debates over Assisted Reproduction
Ruth Macklin
ISBN-10: 1566391806 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781566391801 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439904466
Temple University Press, 1994

The Politics of Virtue: Is Abortion Debatable?
Elizabeth Mensch, Alan Freeman
ISBN-13: 9780822313311 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822313496 (paper)
Duke University Press, 1993

Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement
Jennifer Nelson
ISBN-13: 9780814758212 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814758274 (paper)
New York University Press, 2003

Broadcasting Birth Control: Mass Media and Family Planning
Manon Parry
ISBN-13: 9780813561523 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813561516 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813561530
Rutgers University Press, 2013

Fertile Ground: Exploring Reproduction in Canada
Stephanie Paterson, Francesca Scala,Marlene K. Sokolon, editors
ISBN-13: 9780773543690 (paper)
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014

Abortion Politics, Mass Media, and Social Movements in America
Deana A. Rohlinger
ISBN-13: 9781107069237 (cloth)
Cambridge University Press, November 2014

Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War, with a New Preface
William Saletan
ISBN-10: 0520243366 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520243361 (paper)
University of California Press, 2004

Rhetorical Bodies
Jack Selzer, Sharon Crowley
ISBN-10: 0299164705 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0299164748 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780299164706 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780299164744 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1999

No Longer Patient: Feminist Ethics and Health Care
Susan Sherwin
ISBN-10: 1566390613 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781566390613 (paper)
Temple University Press, 1992

Girls on the Stand: How Courts Fail Pregnant Minors
Helena Silverstein
ISBN-13: 9780814740316 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780295987910 (paper)
New York University Press, 2009

Pregnancy and Power: A Short History of Reproductive Politics in America
Rickie Solinger
ISBN-13: 9780814798270 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814798287 (paper)
New York University Press, 2005

Abortion Wars: A Half Century of Struggle, 1950-2000
Rickie Solinger, editor
ISBN-10: 0520209524 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520209527 (paper)
University of California Press, 1998

Abortion Wars: A Half Century of Struggle, 1950–2000
Rickie Solinger, editor
ISBN-13: 9780520209527 (paper)
University of California Press, 1998

Shameless: Sexual Dissidence in American Culture
Arlene Stein
ISBN-13: 9780814740279 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814740286 (paper)
New York University Press, 2006

Politics of the Womb: Women, Reproduction, and the State in Kenya
Lynn M. Thomas
ISBN-10: 0520235401 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520235403 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520936645
University of California Press, 2003

Legitimate Differences: Interpretation in the Abortion Controversy and Other Public Debates
Georgia Warnke
ISBN-10: 0520216334 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520216334 (cloth)
University of California Press, 1999

The Politics of Women's Rights: Parties, Positions, and Change
Christina Wolbrecht
ISBN-13: 9780691130453 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781400831241
Princeton University Press, 2000

The Political Geographies of Pregnancy
Laura R. Woliver
ISBN-10: 0252027787 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252027789 (cloth)
University of Illinois Press, 2002

The Debate about Birth Control & Abortion: Ethical and Religious Views

Baby Steps: How Lesbian Alternative Insemination Is Changing the World
Amy Agigian
ISBN-10: 0819566292 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0819566306 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780819566294 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780819566300 (paper)
Wesleyan University Press, 2004

Aquinas on the Beginning and End of Human Life
Fabrizio Amerini
ISBN-13: 9780674072473 (cloth)
Harvard University Press, 2013

Procreation and Parenthood: The Ethics of Bearing and Rearing Children
David Archard, David Benatar, editors
ISBN-13: 9780199590704 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2010

Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice
Francis J. Beckwith
ISBN-13: 9780521691352 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2007

A Defense of Abortion
David Boonin  author info
ISBN-10: 0521520355 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521520355 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2002

Theological Bioethics: Participation, Justice, and Change
Lisa Sowle Cahill
ISBN-10: 1589010752 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781589010758 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781589014756
Georgetown University Press, 2005

The Abortion Myth: Feminism, Morality, and the Hard Choices Women Make
Leslie Cannold
ISBN-10: 0819563854 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780819563859 (paper)
Wesleyan University Press, 2000

Faith and Law: How Religious Traditions from Calvinism to Islam View American Law
Robert F. Cochran, Jr., editor
ISBN-13: 9780814716724 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814716731 (paper)
New York University Press, 2007

Hindu Ethics: Purity, Abortion, and Euthanasia
Harold Coward, Julius Lipner, Katherine K. Young, editors
ISBN-10: 0887067646 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780887067648 (paper)
State University of New York Press, 1988

When Children Want Children: The Urban Crisis of Teenage Childbearing
Leon Dash
ISBN-10: 0252071239 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780252071232 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2003

Sacred Work: Planned Parenthood and Its Clergy Alliances
Tom Davis, Foreword by Rev. Carlton W. Veazey
ISBN-10: 0813534933 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813534930 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813539508 (paper)
Rutgers University Press, 2005

Creation Ethics: Reproduction, Genetics, and Quality of Life
David DeGrazia
ISBN-13: 9780195389630 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2012

A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion
Daniel A. Dombrowski, Robert Deltete
ISBN-13: 9780252073977 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2006

Marketing the Menacing Fetus in Japan
Helen Hardacre
ISBN-10: 0520216547 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520216549 (paper)
University of California Press, 1997

Changing Unjust Laws Justly: Pro-Life Solidarity with "the Last and Least"
Colin Harte
ISBN-13: 9780813214061 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780813216096
Catholic University of America Press, 2005

Sex, Violence, and Justice: Contraception and the Catholic Church
Aline H. Kalbian
ISBN-13: 9781626161047 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781626160484 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781626160491
Georgetown University Press, 2014

A Theory of Unborn Life: From Abortion to Genetic Manipulation
Anja J. Karnein
ISBN-13: 9780199782475 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2012

Abortion and Unborn Human Life, Second Edition
Patrick Lee
ISBN-13: 9780813217307 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813218069
Catholic University of America Press, 2010

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice: Shared Values in the Abortion Debate
Bertha Alvarez Manninen
ISBN-13: 9780826519900 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826519917 (paper)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2014

Women, Birth, and Death in Jewish Law and Practice
Rochelle Millen
ISBN-10: 1584653655 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781584653653 (paper)
University Press of New England, 2004

Good Catholics: The Battle over Abortion in the Catholic Church
Patricia Miller
ISBN-13: 9780520276000 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780520958272
University of California Press, 2014

The Making of Pro-life Activists: How Social Movement Mobilization Works
Ziad W. Munson
ISBN-13: 9780226551197 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226551203 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226551210
University of Chicago Press, 2009

The Worth of a Child
Thomas H. Murray
ISBN-10: 0520088360 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520088368 (cloth)
University of California Press, 1996

Making Modern Mothers: Ethics and Family Planning in Urban Greece
Heather Paxson
ISBN-10: 0520238206 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520238206 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520937130
University of California Press, 2004

The Ethics of Procreation and the Defense of Human Life
Martin Rhonheimer
ISBN-13: 9780813217222 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813218052
Catholic University of America Press, 2010

The Dream of the Perfect Child
Joan Rothschild author info
ISBN-13: 9780253345653 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780253217608 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 2005

Ethics and Economics of Assisted Reproduction: The Cost of Longing
Maura A. Ryan
ISBN-10: 0878408843 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780878408719 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780878408849 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781589018105
Georgetown University Press, 2001

Abortion in Judaism
Daniel Schiff
ISBN-10: 0521521661 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521521666 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2002

Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later
Janet E. Smith
ISBN-10: 0813207398 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 08132070401 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780813207391 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813207407 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813220918
Catholic University of America Press, 1991

Life Before Birth: The Moral and Legal Status of Embryos and Fetuses, Second Edition
Bonnie Steinbock
ISBN-13: 9780195341621 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2011

Ethics in Reproductive Rights and Perinatal Medicine: A New Framework
Carson Strong
ISBN-10: 0300068328 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780300068320 (cloth)
Yale University Press, 1997

Catholics and Contraception: An American History
Leslie Woodcock Tentler
ISBN-10: 0801440033 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801440038 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801474941 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 2004

God and the Embryo: Religious Voices on Stem Cells and Cloning
Brent Waters, Ronald Cole-Turner, editors
ISBN-10: 087840998X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780878409983 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781589013308
Georgetown University Press, 2003

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Assisted Reproduction: Fertility, Donation, and Adoption

Sex Cells: The Medical Market for Eggs and Sperm
Rene Almeling
ISBN-13: 9780520270954 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520270961 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520950221
University of California Press, 2011

Adoption by Lesbians and Gay Men: A New Dimension in Family Diversity
David M. Brodzinsky, Adam Pertman, editors
ISBN-13: 9780195322606 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2011

Planning Parenthood: Strategies for Success in Fertility Assistance, Adoption, and Surrogacy
Rebecca A. Clark, M.D., Ph.D., Gloria Richard-Davis, M.D., FACOG, Jill Hayes, Ph.D., Michelle Murphy, J.D., and Katherine Pucheu Theall, Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 9780801891113 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801891120 (paper)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009

Blue-Ribbon Babies and Labors of Love: Race, Class, and Gender in U.S. Adoption Practice
Christine Ward Gailey
ISBN-13: 9780292725706 (paper)
University of Texas Press, 2010

Baby Markets: Money and the New Politics of Creating Families
Michele Bratcher Goodwin
ISBN-13: 9780521513739 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521735100 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2010

Kinship by Design: A History of Adoption in the Modern United States
Ellen Herman
ISBN-13: 9780226327594 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226327600 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226328072
University of Chicago Press, 2008

Culture Keeping: White Mothers, International Adoption, and the Negotiation of Family Difference
Heather Jacobson
ISBN-13: 9780826516176 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826516183 (paper)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2008

Lost and Found: The Adoption Experience, 3rd Edition
Betty Jean Lifton
ISBN-13: 9780472033287 (paper)
University of Michigan Press, 2009

The Fertility Doctor: John Rock and the Reproductive Revolution
Margaret Marsh, Wanda Ronner
ISBN-13: 9780801890017 (cloth)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008

Reproductive Donation: Practice, Policy and Bioethics
Martin Richards, Guido Pennings, and John B. Appleby, editors
ISBN-13: 9781107007772 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521189934 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2012

Belonging in an Adopted World: Race, Identity, and Transnational Adoption
Barbara Yngvesson
ISBN-13: 9780226964461 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226964478 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226964485
University of Chicago Press, 2010

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Case Law and Public Policy

What Roe v. Wade Should Have Said: The Nation's Top Legal Experts Rewrite America's Most Controversial Decision
Jack M. Balkin, editor
ISBN-13: 9780814799185 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814799864 (paper)
New York University Press, 2005

Reproduction, Globalization, and the State: New Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives
Carole H. Browner, Carolyn F. Sargent, editors
ISBN-13: 9780822349419 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822349600 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2011

Family Caps, Abortion and Women of Color: Research Connection and Political Rejection
Michael Camasso
ISBN-13: 9780195179057 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2007

Regulating Intimacy: A New Legal Paradigm
Jean L. Cohen
ISBN-13: 9780691048574 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781400825035
Princeton University Press, 2004

Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies
Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. Erdman, Bernard M. Dickens, editors
ISBN-13: 9780812246278 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780812209990
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014

At Women's Expense: State Power and the Politics of Fetal Rights
Cynthia Daniels
ISBN-10: 0674050444 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780674050440 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 1996

Sin No More: From Abortion to Stem Cells, Understanding Crime, Law, and Morality in America
John Dombrink, Daniel Hillyard
ISBN-13: 9780814719886 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780814719893 (paper)
New York University Press, 2007

Slavery, Abortion, and the Politics of Constitutional Meaning
Justin Buckley Dyer
ISBN-13: 9781107031944 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781107680746 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781107331167
Cambridge University Press, 2013

Regulating Desire: From the Virtuous Maiden to the Purity Princess
J. Shoshanna Ehrlich
ISBN-13: 9781438453057 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781438453064
State University of New York Press, November 2014

Abortion and the Law: From International Comparison to Legal Policy
Albin Eser, Hans-Georg Koch; Translated by Emily Silverman
ISBN-10: 9067041971 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9789067041973 (cloth)
Cambridge University Press, 2005

The Human Drama of Abortion: A Global Search for Consensus
Anibal Faúndes, José S. Barzelatto
ISBN-13: 9780826515254 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826515261 (paper)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2006

Ordered Liberty: Rights, Responsibilities, and Virtues
James E. Fleming, Linda C. McClain
ISBN-13: 9780674059108 (cloth)
Harvard University Press, 2013

Liberty and Sexuality: The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade
David J. Garrow
ISBN-10: 0520213025 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780520213029 (paper)
University of California Press, 1998

Contemporary Cases in Women's Rights
Leslie Friedman Goldstein
ISBN-10: 029914030X (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0299140342 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780299140304 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780229140342 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1979

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Mala Htun
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N. E. H. Hull, Williamjames Hoffer, and Peter Charles Hoffer
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N. E. H. Hull, Peter Charles Hoffer
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N.E.H. Hull, Peter Charles Hoffer
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Jutta M. Joachim
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John W. Johnson
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Jerome S. Legge, Jr.
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Sex and Consequences: Abortion, Public Policy, and the Economics of Fertility
Phillip B. Levine
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Feminist Legal Theory: A Primer
Nancy Levit, Robert Verchick
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A Practical Companion to the Constitution: How the Supreme Court Has Ruled on Issues from Abortion to Zoning
Jethro K. Lieberman
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The Troubled Pregnancy: Legal Wrongs and Rights in Reproduction
J. K. Mason
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The Criminalization of Abortion in the West: Its Origins in Medieval Law
Wolfgang P. Müller
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Before Roe: Abortion Policy in the States
Rosemary Nossif
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State University of New York Press, 1996

How Sex Became a Civil Liberty
Leigh Ann Wheeler
ISBN-13: 9780199754236 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2012

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Reproductive Health and Medicine

Birth Chairs, Midwives, and Medicine
Amanda Carson Banks
ISBN-10: 1578061717 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 1578061725 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781578061716 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781578061723 (paper)
University Press of Mississippi, 1999

DES Daughters: Embodied Knowledge and the Transformation of Women's Health Politics
Susan E. Bell
ISBN-13: 9781592139187 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781592139194 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781592139200
Temple University Press, 2009

Life as Surplus: Biotechnology and Capitalism in the Neoliberal Era
Melinda Cooper
ISBN-13: 9780295987910 (paper)
University of Washington Press, 2008

Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement
Christa Craven
ISBN-13: 9781439902196 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781439902202 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439902219
Temple University Press, 2010

Assisted Reproductive Technology: Accomplishments and New Horizons
Christopher J. De Jonge, Christopher L. R. Barratt, editors
ISBN-13: 9780521801218 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521188951 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2002

A Pleasing Birth: Midwives and Maternity Care in the Netherlands
Raymond De Vries
ISBN-10: 15692131034 (paper)
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ISBN-13: 9781592131037 (paper)
Temple University Press, 2005

Ourselves Unborn: A History of the Fetus in Modern America
Sara Dubow
ISBN-13: 9780195323436 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2010

The Vulnerable Empowered Woman: Feminism, Postfeminism, and Women's Health
Tasha N. Dubriwny
ISBN-13: 9780813554013 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813554006 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813565811
Rutgers University Press, 2012

Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate
John H. Evans
ISBN-13: 9780226222653 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780226222707
University of Chicago Press, 2010

Biological Relatives: IVF, Stem Cells, and the Future of Kinship
Sarah Franklin
ISBN-13: 9780822354857 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822354994 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2013

Willing and Unable: Doctors' Constraints in Abortion Care
Lori R. Freedman
ISBN-13: 9780826517142 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826517159 (paper)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2010

Grady Baby: A Year in the Life of Atlanta’s Grady Hospital
Jerry Gentry
ISBN-13: 9781578061570 (cloth)
University Press of Mississippi, 1999

Reproductive Justice: The Politics of Health Care for Native American Women
Barbara Gurr
ISBN-13: 9780813564692 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813564685 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813564708
Rutgers University Press, December 2014

Fixing Men: Sex, Birth Control, and AIDS in Mexico
Matthew Gutmann
ISBN-13: 9780520252622 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520253308 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520941236
University of California Press, 2007

Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health
Ellen L. Idler, editor
ISBN-13: 9780199362202 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780199362219 (paper)
Oxford University Press, 2014

The Sex Education Debates
Nancy Kendall
ISBN-13: 9780226922270 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226922287 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226922294
University of Chicago Press, 2012

Bodies of Knowledge: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Women's Health in the Second Wave
Wendy Kline
ISBN-13: 9780226443058 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226443089 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780226443072
University of Chicago Press, 2010

In Search of Parenthood: Coping with Infertility and High-Tech Conception
Judith N. Lasker, Susan Borg
ISBN-10: 1566392594 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781566392587 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9781439905364
Temple University Press, 1994

Women and Health in America: Historical Readings, Second Edition
Judith Walzer Leavitt, editor
ISBN-10: 0299159604 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0299159647 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780299159603 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780299159641 (paper)
University of Wisconsin Press, 1999

A Woman's Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause
Mary Jane Minkin, Carol V. Wright
ISBN-10: 0300104359 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780300104356 (paper)
Yale University Press, 2004

A Woman's Guide to Sexual Health
Mary Jane Minkin, Carol V. Wright
ISBN-10: 0300105940 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780300105940 (paper)
Yale University Press, 2004

Female Circumcision: Multicultural Perspectives
Rogala Mustafa Abusharaf
ISBN-10: 0812239245 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780812219418 (paper)
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006

The 'Healthy' Embryo: Social, Biomedical, Legal and Philosophical Perspectives
Jeff Nisker, Françoise Baylis, Isabel Karpin, Carolyn McLeod, Roxanne Mykitiuk
ISBN-13: 9780521748131 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2010

The Male Pill: A Biography of a Technology in the Making
Nelly Oudshoorn
ISBN-13: 9780822331582 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780822331957 (paper)
Duke University Press, 2003

Dangerous Pregnancies: Mothers, Disabilities, and Abortion in Modern America
Leslie J. Reagan
ISBN-13: 9780520259034 (cloth)
University of California Press, 2010

Vital Conflicts in Medical Ethics: A Virtue Approach to Craniotomy and Tubal Pregnancies
Martin Rhonheimer
ISBN-13: 9780813217185 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813217772
Catholic University of America Press, 2009

Midwifery and Childbirth in America
Judith Pence Rooks
ISBN-10: 1566397111 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781566397117 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439906231
Temple University Press, 1999

Generations at Risk: Reproductive Health and the Environment
Ted Schettler, Gina Solomon, Maria Valenti and Annette Huddle, editors
ISBN-10: 0262692473 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780262692472 (paper)
MIT Press, 2000

Bits of Life: Feminism at the Intersections of Media, Bioscience, and Technology
Anneke Smelik, Nina Lykke, editors
ISBN-13: 9780295988092 (paper)
University of Washington Press, 2008

Banking on the Body: The Market in Blood, Milk, and Sperm in Modern America
Kara W. Swanson
ISBN-13: 9780674281431 (cloth)
Harvard University Press, 2014

Making Parents: The Ontological Choreography of Reproductive Technologies
Charis Thompson
ISBN-10: 0262201569 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262201568 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262701198 (paper)
MIT Press, 2005

Reproduction in Context: Social and Environmental Influences on Reproduction
Kim Wallen, Jill E. Schneider, editors
ISBN-10: 0262232049 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780262232043 (cloth)
MIT Press, 1999

Fertility and Pregnancy: An Epidemiologic Perspective
Allen J. Wilcox
ISBN-13: 9780195342864 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2010

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