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frequently asked questions


How does AAUP decide what topics to include in Books for Understanding?

When a world event or subject of public debate is much in the news, AAUP looks into whether our member publishers offer books critical to a deeper understanding of the news stories. If we find that we can indeed pull together an immediately useful bibliography of relevant books, we send out a call for titles to all member presses and begin to compile a comprehensive list of these books.

How often does AAUP create new bibliographies?

There is no set schedule of publication. Books for Understanding is a dynamic resource that responds to current events. We publish approximately 4-6 new book lists per year.

How can I find out when AAUP has published a new bibliography?

In addition to visiting the site regularly, you can subscribe to either our new RSS feed, or our email alert service. Learn more about these and subscribe here.

Are the bibliographies updated? How often?

Bibliographies are regularly updated, particularly in the first weeks after the list is published.  Existing bibliographies are updated when new relevant books are published by our members. 

How and why did AAUP start this program?

Please read about the early days of Books for Understanding here.

Can I link to Books for Understanding or a specific bibliography?

Yes. Please feel free to link to either the home page,, or to a specific book list. If you would like to include a Books for Understanding logo, please contact

While an admirable effort, nothing on this page answers the question that I am frequently asking about Books for Understanding. What recourse do I have?

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact, or visit the Contact page for staff information.

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How do I have my book listed in a Books for Understanding bibliography?

If your book is published by an AAUP member publisher, please contact your publicist or editor and request that the publisher submit the required information directly.

If you are not published by an AAUP member publisher, we cannot list your book.

How do I have my entry in an Expert Directory updated or removed?

Please email with any updates to an Expert Directory listing, or to request removal.

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Librarians, Booksellers, and Vendors

Browsing the lists online is great, but I could really use the bibliographic data in another format.  Is there any way to do this?

Information on ways libraries, wholesalers, and others can receive book list data can be found here.

Do you have additional information or materials about the program?

Yes. Please contact with any queries and requests.

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I'm NOT an AAUP member. Can I still list titles in Books for Understanding?

No. We only accept books published by the nonprofit scholarly press members of AAUP.

I AM an AAUP member. How do I submit titles to Books for Understanding?

Please go to the Submission Instructions.

How do I find out about new book lists being compiled?

Calls for Titles for new Books for Understanding lists are distributed to the AAUP membership via the AAUP-L and AAUP-M discussion lists. Subscribe to these email discussion lists.

Do you update existing lists? I have new titles to add to already published bibliographies.

Yes, we do update all current Books for Understanding bibliographies annually. These are updated on a rotating schedule, and notice is distributed via the AAUP-members monthly e-Bulletin regarding the topics and deadlines for each month's updates. Subscribe to the Bulletin.

Do you accept listings of forthcoming titles?

Yes. Books for Understanding will list books not yet published, as long as they have a firm month and year of publication assigned. All other titles should be available to interested readers.

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