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List Published: 12/18/02
Last Updated: 2/20/14

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Civil Rights Era

An Army of Lions: The Civil Rights Struggle Before the NAACP
Shawn Leigh Alexander
ISBN-13: 9780812243758 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780812222449 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780812205725
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011

Survival Pending Revolution: The History of the Black Panther Party
Paul Alkebulan
ISBN-10: 0817315497 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780817315498 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780817380298
University of Alabama Press, 2007

Confronting the Color Line: The Broken Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in Chicago
Alan B. Anderson, George W. Pickering
ISBN-13: 9780820331201 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2008

Eyes off the Prize: The United Nations and the African-American Struggle for Human Rights, 1944-1955
Carol Anderson
ISBN-10: 0521824311 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0521531586 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780521824316 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780521531580 (paper)
Cambridge University Press, 2003

Black, White, and Catholic: New Orleans Interracialism, 1947-1956
R. Bentley Anderson author info
ISBN-10: 0826514839 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826514837 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826514844 (paper)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2005

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and Its Legacy
Kenneth T. Andrews
ISBN-10: 226020401 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226020402 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780226020433 (paper)
University of Chicago Press, 2004

Bursting Bonds: The Autobiography of a "New Negro"
William L. Andrews, editor
ISBN-10: 0268038856 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780268038854 (paper)
University of Notre Dame Press, 2005

The Morning Breaks: The Trial of Angela Davis
Bettina Aptheker
ISBN-10: 0801485975 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780801485978 (paper)
Cornell University Press, 1999

The Civil Rights Reader: American Literature from Jim Crow to Reconciliation
Julie Buckner Armstrong, editor, Amy Schmidt, associate editor
ISBN-13: 9780820331812 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780820332253 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2009

The Black Worker: Race, Labor, and Civil Rights Since Emancipation
Eric Arnesen, editor
ISBN-10: 0252031458 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0252073800 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780252031458 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252073809 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2007

Brotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers and the Struggle for Equality
Eric Arneson
ISBN-10: 0674003195 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0674008170 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780674003194 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780674008175 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 2001

Carry It On: The War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, 1964-1972
Susan Youngblood Ashmore
ISBN-10: 0820330078 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0820330515 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780820330075 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780820330518 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2008

The Education of a Black Radical: A Southern Civil Rights Activist's Journey, 1959—1964
D’Army Bailey, with Roger Easson, foreword by Nikki Giovanni
ISBN-13: 9780807134764 (cloth)
Louisiana State University Press, 2009

Freedom’s March: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement in Savannah by Frederick C. Baldwin
Frederick C. Baldwin
ISBN-13: 9780933075085 (cloth)
University of Georgia Press, 2008

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Boundaries of Law, Politics, and Religion
Lewis V. Baldwin, with Rufus Burrow, Jr., Barbara A. Holmes, and Susan Holmes Winfield
ISBN-10: 0268033552 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780268033545 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780268033552 (paper)
University of Notre Dame Press, 2002

Taming the Storm: The Life and Times of Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., and the South's Fight over Civil Rights
Jack Bass
ISBN-10: 0820325317 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780820325316 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2003

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Martin Luther King, Jr., Eight White Religious Leaders, and the "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
S. Jonathon Bass
ISBN-13: 9780807128008 (paper)
Louisiana State University Press, 2001

Federal Law and Southern Order: Racial Violence and Constitutional Conflict in the Post-Brown South
Michal R. Belknap
ISBN-10: 0820317357 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780820317359 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 1995

The Time and Place That Gave Me Life
Janet Cheatham Bell
ISBN-13: 9780253348777 (cloth)
Indiana University Press, 2007

Freedom Now! Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle
Martin A. Berger
ISBN-13: 9780520280199 (cloth)
University of California Press, 2014

Seeing through Race: A Reinterpretation of Civil Rights Photography
Martin A. Berger
ISBN-13: 9780520268630 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520268647 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520948341
University of California Press, 2011

Through Survivors' Eyes: From the Sixties to the Greensboro Massacre
Sally Avery Bermanzohn
ISBN-13: 9780826514387 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780826514394 (paper)
Vanderbilt University Press, 2003

To Stand and Fight: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Postwar New York City
Martha Biondi
ISBN-13: 9780674019829 (paper)
Harvard University Press, 2006

Earl B. Dickerson: A Voice for Freedom and Equality
Robert J. Blakely, with Marcus Shepard
ISBN-13: 9780810123359 (cloth)
Northwestern University Press, 2006

Class, Race and the Civil Rights Movement: The Changing Political Economy of Southern Racism
Jack M. Bloom
ISBN-10: 0253204070 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780253204073 (paper)
Indiana University Press, 1987

Black against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party
Joshua Bloom, Waldo Martin
ISBN-13: 9780520271852 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780520282223 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780520953543
University of California Press, 2014

Living for Change: An Autobiography
Grace Lee Boggs
ISBN-10: 0816629552 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780816629558 (paper)
University of Minnesota Press, 1998

Shocking The Conscience: A Reporter's Account of the Civil Rights Movement
Simeon Booker, with Carol McCabe Booker
ISBN-13: 9781617037894 (cloth)
University Press of Mississippi, 2013

Almighty God Created the Races: Christianity, Interracial Marriage, and American Law
Fay Botham
ISBN-13: 9780807833186 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781469607276 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2009

Labor, Civil Rights, and the Hughes Tool Company
Michael R. Botson Jr.
ISBN-13: 9781585444380 (cloth)
Texas A&M University Press, 2005

The Wall Between
Anne Braden
ISBN-10: 1572330600 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 1572330619 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781572330603 (cloth)
University of Tennessee Press, 1999

Harlem vs. Columbia University: Black Student Power in the Late 1960s
Stefan M. Bradley
ISBN-13: 9780252034527 (cloth)
University of Illinois Press, 2009

The Trouble between Us: An Uneasy History of White and Black Women in the Feminist Movement
Winifred Breines
ISBN-10: 0195179048 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780195179040 (cloth)
Oxford University Press, 2006

Refusing Racism: White Allies and the Struggle for Civil Rights
Cynthia Stokes Brown
ISBN-10: 0807742058 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 080774204X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807742044 (paper)
Teachers College Press, 2002

Daybreak of Freedom: The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Stewart Burns, editor
ISBN-10: 0807823600 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0807846619 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807823606 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807846612 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 1997

God and Human Dignity: The Personalism, Theology, and Ethics of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rufus Burrow, Jr.
ISBN-10: 0268021945 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0268021953 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780268021948 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780268021955 (paper)
University of Notre Dame Press, 2006

Moisture of the Earth: Mary Robinson, Civil Rights and Textile Union Activist
Fran Leeper Buss, editor
ISBN-13: 9780472095872 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780472065875 (paper)
University of Michigan Press, 2009

In Search of Bisco
Erskine Caldwell
ISBN-13: 9780820317847 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 1995

The Freedom Quilting Bee: Folk Art and the Civil Rights Movement
Nancy Callahan
ISBN-10: 0817352473 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780817352479 (paper)
University of Alabama Press, 2005

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Sermonic Power of Public Discourse
Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, John Louis Lucaites
ISBN-10: 0817306897 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 081735283X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780817306892 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780817352837 (paper)
University of Alabama Press, 1993

Civil Rights Chronicle: Letters from the South
Clarice T. Campbell
ISBN-10: 0878059539 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780878059539 (paper)
University Press of Mississippi, 1997

The Music Has Gone Out of the Movement: Civil Rights and the Johnson Administration, 1965-1968
David C. Carter
ISBN-13: 9780807832806 (cloth)
University of North Carolina Press, 2009

Victory at Home: Manpower and Race in the American South during World War II
Charles D. Chamberlain
ISBN-10: 0820324299 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 0820324434 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780820324296 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780820324432 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2003

Inside Agitators
David L. Chappell
ISBN-10: 080185234X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780801852343 (paper)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996

Black in Selma: The Uncommon Life of J. L. Chestnut Jr.
J. L. Chestnut Jr., Julia Cass
ISBN-10: 0817354611 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780817354619 (paper)
University of Alabama Press, 2007

Ain't Scared of Your Jail: Arrest, Imprisonment, and the Civil Rights Movement
Zoe A. Colley
ISBN-13: 9780813042411 (cloth)
University Press of Florida, 2012

Up South: Civil Rights and Black Power in Philadelphia
Matthew J. Countryman
ISBN-13: 9780812238945 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780812220025 (paper)
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005

Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Trailblazers and Torchbearers, 1941-1965
Vicki L. Crawford, Jacqueline Anne Rouse, and Barbara Woods, editors
ISBN-10: 0253208327 (paper)
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Indiana University Press, 1993

Civil Rights History from the Ground Up: Local Struggles, a National Movement
Emilye Crosby, editor
ISBN-13: 9780820329635 (cloth)
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University of Georgia Press, 2011

Deep in Our Hearts: Nine White Women in the Freedom Movement
Constance Curry, Joan C. Browning, et al.
ISBN-13: 9780820324197 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2002

The Early Black History Movement, Carter G. Woodson, and Lorenzo Johnston Greene
Pero Gaglo Dagbovie
ISBN-10: 0252031903 (cloth)
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ISBN-13: 9780252074356 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2007

Dispossession: Discrimination against African American Farmers in the Age of Civil Rights
Pete Daniel
ISBN-13: 9781469602011 (cloth)
University of North Carolina Press, 2013

Lost Revolutions: The South in the 1950s
Pete Daniel
ISBN-10: 0807848484 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807848487 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2000

Saving the Soul of Georgia: Donald L. Hollowell and the Struggle for Civil Rights
Maurice C. Daniels
ISBN-13: 9780820345963 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780820346298
University of Georgia Press, 2013

The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South
Osha Gray Davidson
ISBN-13: 9780807858691 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2007

The Press and Race: Mississippi Journalists Confront the Movement
David R. Davies, editor
ISBN-10: 1578063426 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781578063420 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781934110522 (paper)
University Press of Mississippi, 2001

Prisons That Could Not Hold
Barbara Deming
ISBN-10: 0820317373 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780820317373 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 1995

Militant Mediator: Whitney M. Young Jr.
Dennis C. Dickerson author info
ISBN-13: 9780813190815 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9780813171067
University Press of Kentucky, 1998

Local People: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi
John Dittmer
ISBN-10: 0252065077 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780252065071 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 1995

Cornell '69: Liberalism and the Crisis of the American University
Donald Alexander Downs
ISBN-10: 0801436532 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780801436536 (cloth)
Cornell University Press, 1999

Cold War Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democracy
Mary L. Dudziak
ISBN-13: 9780691152431 (paper)
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Princeton University Press, 2002

The Shame of Southern Politics: Essays and Speeches
Leslie Dunbar author info
ISBN-10: 0813122619 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780813122618 (cloth)
ISBN eBook: 9780813127040
University Press of Kentucky, 2002

Outside the Magic Circle: The Autobiography of Virginia Foster Durr
Virginia Foster Durr, Edited by Hollinger F. Barnard, with a foreword by Studs Terkel
ISBN-10: 0817305173 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780817305178 (paper)
University of Alabama Press, 1990

Outside Agitator: Jon Daniels and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama
Charles Eagles author info
ISBN-10: 081731069X (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780817310691 (paper)
University of Alabama Press, 2000

This Is Where I Came In: Black America in the 1960s
Gerald L. Early
ISBN-13: 9780803267497 (paper)
University of Nebraska Press, 2003

Speak Now Against the Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South
John Egerton
ISBN-10: 0807845574 (paper)
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University of North Carolina Press, 1995

Dissent in Wichita: The Civil Rights Movement in the Midwest, 1954-72
Gretchen Cassel Eick
ISBN-10: 0252026837 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252026836 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780252074912 (paper)
University of Illinois Press, 2001

Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth in an American City
Jessica I. Elfenbein, Thomas L. Hollowak, Elizabeth M. Nix, editors
ISBN-13: 9781439906613 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9781439906620 (paper)
ISBN eBook: 9781439906637
Temple University Press, 2011

But for Birmingham: The Local and National Movements in the Civil Rights Struggle
Glenn T. Eskew
ISBN-10: 0807846678 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780807846674 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 1997

Labor in the Modern South
Glenn T. Eskew, editor
ISBN-10: 0820322601 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780820322605 (cloth)
University of Georgia Press, 2001

I Am a Man!: Race, Manhood, and the Civil Rights Movement
Steve Estes
ISBN-13: 9780807829295 (cloth)
ISBN-13: 9780807855935 (paper)
University of North Carolina Press, 2005

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Adam Fairclough
ISBN-10: 0820316539 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9780820316536 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 1995

Race and Democracy: The Civil Rights Struggle in Louisiana, 1915-1972
Adam Fairclough
ISBN-10: 0820331147 (paper)
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University of Georgia Press, 2008

To Redeem the Soul of America: The Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Adam Fairclough
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Lay Bare the Heart: An Autobiography of the Civil Rights Movement
James Farmer
ISBN-10: 0875651887 (paper)
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Texas Christian University Press, 1998

Ideal Citizens: The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement
James Max Fendrich
ISBN-10: 0791413241 (paper)
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Devin Fergus
ISBN-13: 9780820333236 (cloth)
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Karen Ferguson
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Sidney Fine
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Catherine Fosl
ISBN-13: 9780813191720 (paper)
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Kari Frederickson
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Justice Hugo Black and Modern America
Tony Allen Freyer
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Shannon Frystak
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Frye Gaillard
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Aaron Henry, with Constance Curry
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The Long Haul: An Autobiography
Myles Horton, with Judith Kohl and Herbert Kohl
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They Didn’t Put That on the Huntley-Brinkley!: A Vagabond Reporter Encounters the New South
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Late Twentieth Century to Today

Racial Justice in the Age of Obama
Roy L. Brooks
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New Day Begun: African American Churches and Civic Culture in Post-Civil Rights America
R. Drew Smith author info
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Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Robert C. Smith
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We Have No Leaders: African Americans in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Robert C. Smith, foreword by Ronald W. Walters
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Neither Separate Nor Equal: Women, Race, and Class in the South
Barbara Ellen Smith, editor
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Politics in Black and White: Race and Power in Los Angeles
Raphael J. Sonenshein
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Mixed Blood: Intermarriage and Ethnic Identity in Twentieth-Century America
Paul R. Spickard
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Chicago: Race, Class, and the Response to Urban Decline
Gregory D. Squires, Larry Bennett, Kathleen McCourt, and Philip Nyden
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Temple University Press, 1987

Turning Back: The Retreat from Racial Justice in American Thought and Policy
Stephen Steinberg
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Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America
Carol M. Swain, Russ Nieli
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The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration
Carol M. Swain
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Harlem between Heaven and Hell
Monique M. Taylor
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White Men Challenging Racism
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Sites of Slavery: Citizenship and Racial Democracy in the Post–Civil Rights Imagination
Salamishah Tillet
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George Brown Tindall
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The Black Megachurch: Theology, Gender, and the Politics of Public Engagement
Tamelyn N. Tucker-Worgs
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Public Housing and the Legacy of Segregation
Margery Austin Turner, Susan J. Popkin, and Lynette Rawlings
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Sugar's Life in the Hood: The Story of a Former Welfare Mother
Sugar Turner, Tracy Bachrach Ehlers
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University of Texas Press, 2002

Desegregating the City: Ghettos, Enclaves, and Inequality
David P. Varady, editor author info
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State University of New York Press, 2005

A Rainbow of Gangs: Street Cultures in the Mega-City
James Diego Vigil
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University of Texas Press, 2002

Dying in the City of the Blues: Sickle Cell Anemia and the Politics of Race and Health
Keith Wailoo
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University of North Carolina Press, 2001

Still the Promised City? African-Americans and New Immigrants in Postindustrial New York
Roger Waldinger
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Prejudice Across America
James Waller
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University Press of Mississippi, 2000

Pan Africanism in the African Diaspora
Ronald W. Walters
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Wayne State University Press, 1997

Black Women Scientists in the United States
Wini Warren
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Indiana University Press, 2000

“Other Sheep I Have:” The Autobiography of Father Paul M. Washington
Paul M. Washington, with David Mcl. Gracie, afterword by Barbara Harris
ISBN-10: 1566391776 (cloth)
ISBN-10: 1566391784 (paper)
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Temple University Press, 1994

Restoring Hope: Conversations on the Future of Black America
Cornel West
ISBN-13: 9780807009437 (paper)
Beacon Press, 1997

Wrongly Convicted: Perspectives on Failed Justice
Saundra D. Westervelt, John A. Humphrey, editors
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Rutgers University Press, 2001

Codename Greenkil: The 1979 Greensboro Killings
Elizabeth Wheaton
ISBN-13: 9780820331485 (paper)
University of Georgia Press, 2009

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and the American Justice System
Paul Wice
ISBN-10: 081352864X (cloth)
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Rutgers University Press, 2000

Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century
Andrew Wiese
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University of Chicago Press, 2003

Race, Class, and the Postindustrial City: William Julius Wilson and the Promise of Sociology
Frank Harold Wilson author info
ISBN-10: 0791460169 (paper)
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State University of New York Press, 2004

The Declining Significance of Race: Blacks and Changing American Institutions, Third Edition
William Julius Wilson
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University of Chicago Press, 2012

No More Invisible Man: Race and Gender in Men's Work
Adia Harvey Wingfield
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ISBN eBook: 9781439909744
Temple University Press, 2012

Nation Within a Nation: Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) and Black Power Politics
Komozi Woodard
ISBN-10: 0807847615 (paper)
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University of North Carolina Press, 1999

Black Entrepreneurs in America: Stories of Struggle and Success
Michael D. Woodard
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Rutgers University Press, 1997

The Minds of Marginalized Black Men: Making Sense of Mobility, Opportunity, and Future Life Chances
Alford A. Young Jr.
ISBN-13: 9780691127002 (paper)
Princeton University Press, 2006

No Place Like Home: A Black Briton's Journey Through the American South
Gary Younge
ISBN-10: 1578064880 (paper)
ISBN-13: 9781578064885 (paper)
University Press of Mississippi, 2002

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