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Expert Directory

The following scholars, writers, and editors are available to members of the media to talk about their work in this area. Following is information about their background, special interests, and preferred manner of contact. Listed email addresses should be copied into an email client, replacing "at" with "@".

Janice Boddy
Janice Boddy is professor of anthropology, University of Toronto, Scarborough. Her books include Wombs and Alien Spirits and Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl, As Told to Virginia Lee Barnes and Janice Boddy

Email: boddy at
Web Site:

Janet J. Ewald
Janet J. Ewald is associate professor of history at Duke University. She is the author of Soldiers, Traders, Slaves and of numerous articles on the history of Sudan and East Africa.

Email: jewald at
Web Site:

Anatoly M. Khazanov
Anatoly Khazanov is professor of anthropology and history at the University of Wisconsin. He was formerly professor of social anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a senior scholar at the Soviet Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology. Among his many books are Nomads and the Outside World and After the USSR.

Email: khazanov at
Web Site:

Leenco Lata
An independent scholar of peace and conflict studies, Leenco Lata lived in most of the countries of the Horn of Africa between 1978 and 1993, where he experienced first-hand the resonance of the conflicts in the region. His book, The Ethiopian State at the Crossroads (1999) is often cited as the most comprehensive analysis of why transition to democracy failed in Ethiopia.

Email: waaqayyo at
Publicist: Clare Hitchens, clare at; 519-884-0710 x2665

Gabriel Warburg
Gabriel Warburg is professor of modern Middle Eastern history and former vice chancellor of the University of Haifa. He is a former director of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo and the author of many books on Sudan and Islam, including The Sudan under Wingate, 1899-1916; Islam, Nationalism, and Communism in a Traditional Society: The Case of Sudan; and several other books on Sudan and East Africa.

Email: gaby at
Web Site:

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